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Name:Takarazuka: Home of Shiny Dreams
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:For discussion, newbie questions, fanfic, sharing and everything related to the Takarazuka Revue
This community is for the Takarazuka Revue, an all-female musical revue in Osaka, Japan. While I am a member of it, we are not affiliated with the comm of the same name on livejournal.

Community Rules/Guidelines:

Your friendly mod is to be found at dearestdread. If you have any questions, please private message me there or leave a comment to The Welcome Post!

Feel free to ask any questions that may pop into your head. Once there are some more posts here, it would be good to try to look through the previous posts before asking questions, and I plan to have a FAQ eventually, but for now, ask away.

The one thing to /not/ ask, however, is for people to send you videos or mp3s of shows. If people want to share parts of shows, great. But please don't beg.

Do not post pictures/videos in unlocked posts. This includes links to videos on youtube/other streaming sites. Takarazuka (and Japan) have strange copyright issues, so it's better to be safe than sorry. Feel free to post, locked, whatever you want, so long as it's not whole shows/magazines.

Along the lines of the previous topic, either re-size images or provide thumbnail links to larger graphics. 400x400 is usually a good size to stick to for non-thumbnails.

Basic Takarazuka Facts:

In Takarazuka shows, some actresses are otokoyaku, who play the male roles, and some are musumeyaku who play the female roles. Sometimes otokoyaku play female roles (such as Scarlett O'Hara or the Empress Elisabeth). Sadly, it's pretty rare that musumeyaku play male roles.

The Revue performs Western shows, both Broadway revivals and shows that are set in North America or Europe but were written specifically for the Revue, as well as traditional Japanese plays and musicals.

While the Revue has gone on tour before, there are no official plans for performances in the US again (there was one tour here over ten years ago) at this time. So no, you can't go to NY and see a Takarazuka show. You can find them in Takarazuka city, in Tokyo, and in select other Japanese cities.

Takarazuka DVDs are insanely expensive if bought new (about the same price, or more, than a ticket to a live show). You can sometimes yet lucky off Ebay, but if you have a yahoo!japan auction account you can find shows more cheaply.

Interests (21):

androgyny, broadway, cosplay, drag, female roles, female theater, gender, japan, japanese theater, male roles, musical, musicals, musumeyaku, osaka, otokoyaku, sequins, shiny, takarazuka, takarazuka revue, theater, zuka
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